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  • InterClub League Update

    Monday, 06 June, 2016

    All Captains,

    Following a recent meeting of the MC to discuss a number of issues this note is for the information and action of ALL Captains.  Two specific issues have been brought to the attention of the MC and we feel that both are worthy of relating to you all and hopefully you will all agree with the recommendations and conclusions we have drawn.

    Firstly, we have been asked to clarify the rules regarding postponement of matches, in particular in relation to forecasted bad weather. There have been two recent examples both as it happens regarding matches on the same day, in one case the postponement was agreed between the two Captains and a new date set and in the other the two Captains initially did not agree to the postponement with the away Captain insisting that game go ahead. Reluctantly the home Captain agreed and the game took place on the appointed day.  At the time the MC was consulted and suggested that the final say over whether a course is playable due to bad weather must rest with the Home club.  The MC also feel that the discussion that took place between the two Captains was not carried out in accordance with the "Spirit of the InterClub league" ethos ie the fostering of friendly rivalry.  In our view it is unacceptable for any Captain to adopt an intransigent position in such discussions. Your MC will propose that application by the Home Captain for a postponement, where bad weather and in particular thunder and lightening, is forecast, should not be unreasonably resisted. Beyond that no further action is deemed appropriate but we are dismayed that this matter had to be referred to us.

    The second issue is in relation to " Local Temporary Rules" that are not on the scorecards but may be on club notice boards.  A situation arose in a match were the home players quoted such a rule during a game and the away players had no knowledge of the rule as they had not been advised in advance. In match play such a situation if badly handled can lead to ill feeling.  The MC feel that it would be better practice if ALL Home Captains at the time they hand out the scorecards also advise their opposition of any such "Local Temporary Rules" before play commences. 

    Best wishes

    Eric, Graham & Nick
    Management Committee