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  • AGM minutes of meeting held on 6th January 2017

    Thursday, 09 March, 2017



    Club Representatives:  

    Alto:- Greg Morelli  Amendoeiro:- Tiago Francisco, Claudia Goncalves.  Boavista:- Paul Cotterell, Janice Galloway. Carvoeiro:-  Keith Roberts. Castro Marim:- Bill Hamersley, Mark Compsty.  Espiche:- Not Present. Laranjal:- Cyril Griffith, Sharon Henderson. Levante:- Chris Warren, George Rushgrove. Morgado:- Ken Ross, Glynn Sedman..  Palmares:- Kevin Fallon.  PDF:- Michael Abbott Giles Fox. Penina:- Mark Bawden, Gary King.  Pinheiros Altos:-  Dave Pirret, Geoff Stott.  Quinta do Lago:- Peter Beale, Mark Foot.  Quinta do Vale:- Mary Corrigan, Mike Bailey.  Serra de Monchique:-Ray Groves, Geoff Cox.  Silves International:- Don Cox, Howard Ridgeway. Tavira:-Nick Everott, Richard Woolard. Vale do Lobo:-  Jackie Bettles, Athil Raihani. Vila Sol:-  Andy Bounds, Mike Relf.  Vilamoura:- Doris Hewer, Noor Thorup.


    Management Committee (MC): Eric Innes, Graham Miller & Nick Daly.


    The chair opened the meeting by firstly welcoming all to the AGM and by thanking Vilamoura for hosting the meeting and Doris Hewer, in particular, for her assistance in making the arrangements once again.  

    1.     Approval of Minutes from 2016 AGM

    The minutes from the last AGM were approved as written. Proposed by Richard Woolard, Tavira and seconded by Kevin Fallon, Palmares.

    Apologies for Absence

    Chris Wallace, Carvoiero

    3.     Management Committee Report.

    The report, which was sent to the members before the meeting, was presented by the Chairman.

    He began by once again congratulating all clubs on a successful 2016 season and highlighted what he believed to be the continued success of the three Division structure with so many of the end of season games meaning something to all concerned.   He confirmed that Levante were the overall InterClub league Champions for 2016 and congratulated Boavista and Laranjal the other divisional winners. 

    The Chair then thanked and congratulated Vila Sol on two fronts, firstly for hosting the inaugural Knock Out Cup Final and also for hosting an excellent Finals Day in October. With regard to the Knock Out Cup final between Vale do Lobo and Tavira, he thanked Vila Sol for very generously providing courtesy of the course for the event.  The chair also commented that it was good to see two teams from Division 3 contesting the final and congratulated Vale do Lobo on winning a closely fought match.

    The Chair went on to say that 2016 had been an even quieter year for the MC than the previous year and that only a small number of issues required attention by them.  There were no questions from the floor in respect of the report.

    Next the chair introduced the proposal, circulated previously to all clubs, regarding the rule change to the Knock Out Cup competition in respect of a drawn match. In future any KO match that finishes level will be awarded to the away team. A vote was taken and was unanimous in favour of the proposal.

    The second proposed rule change was to add to the existing Rule 11 wording that better reflected what the federation state in respect of the measured course.  The chair advised that we adopt fully the provisions of Rule 2.7 regarding a measured course in the updated rule document issued by the FPG on 30 November 2016.  This was put to the vote and unanimously accepted after a brief discussion of clarification.

    Finally on Rule changes the chair suggested that as the current maximum agreed costs of after match lunches of 25€ had been in place for a number of years was the time now right to consider a small increase. Keith Roberts, Carvoeiro suggested that rather than increase the cost why not consider a decrease by removing alcohol from the equation and letting those that wanted to buy their own alcohol. Michael Abbott, PDF, countered by suggesting that withdrawing the food would be a better option! The general feeling thereafter was that there was no mood to change the current arrangement. Meal costs maximum will remain at the current rate of 25€.


    4.     Financial Report. 

    The report was presented with the healthier year end position being attributed to Vila Sol’s generosity in providing courtesy of the course for the final of the Knock Out cup, saving the MC an estimated 900€.  That being the case the MC felt that it would be appropriate that the fee for 2017 be reduced to 100€ per club. This would, in the first instance, be a one year change with the 2018 fee returning to the previous level but subject to review at the next AGM.


    Post Meeting note:  Coffees for the AGM cost €106.20 so the carried over balance is €2,099.30

    5.     Knock Out Cup Draw

    The draw for the Preliminary and First Rounds of the Knock Out Cup took place and are as follows:

    Preliminary Round – to be played before the end of March

    Morgado  v Espiche

    Quinta da Vale v Vale do Lobo

    First Round – to be played by the 30th April

    Vila Sol v Serra de Monchique

    Tavira v Quinta da Vale or Vale do Lobo

    Laranjal v Alto

    Castro Marim v Carvoiero

    Silves International v Penina

    Quinta da Lago v Parque de Floresta

    Boavista  v Palmares

    Levante v Morgado or Espiche


    Post Meeting Note: Can all clubs please advise Graham Miller, administrator, of the date they propose to play their first round matches.  The draw for the second round will be held on Tuesday 2nd May.

    Finals Day:

    Levente Captain Chris Warren advised that the proposed date for this years Finals Day is 25th October and will be a 9.30am shot gun start.  Chris is formally co-opted to the MC to coordinate and assist the MC with organising the day. It is hoped that the fee will remain at the current rate of 60€ per person to include green fee, buggy and lunch.


    7.     Nomination for Management Committee.

    The chair advised that nominations had been sought for the committee and none had been forthcoming.  The existing MC have agreed to remain in place for at least one more year.

    8.     Any Other Business.


    One item of AOB was submitted by Alto GC, Greg Morelli was asked to present the proposal. He suggested that what he was about to propose was for discussion purposes only and reflected views from within his club.  In essence the proposal was that from the 2018 season all movement between divisions should be drawn as opposed to the current promotion/relegation between divisions.

    The chair asked for more detail on how Alto saw such a proposal working.   A discussion ensued with a number of clubs speaking in favour of the current arrangements, Tavira, Vilamoura, Quinta da Vale and Boavista all expressing no mood for change. A vote was called for those in favour of the Alto proposal which was unanimously rejected.

    Close of Meeting.

    The Chairman thanked everyone for their contribution and wished them a successful season.  The meeting closed 45 minutes after it started, a record that may never be bettered!

    The following two post meeting notes have been added for the information of ALL Captains and the MC apologise for not raising them under AOB at the meeting.

    Action from 2015 Minutes

    There was an action from the last minutes which the MC intend to carry over and continue to pursue in 2017.  The action was to explore the possibility of an annual match between the winners of the Algarve and Lisbon leagues.  Your MC have had exploratory discussions and hope to resolve and report back during 2017.  


    Dissemination of Information from the MC

    The MC advise ALL Captains that any information forthcoming from the MC will only be forwarded      to the Nominated League Captain.  It is then up to the Captains of each club to co-ordinate the passing or otherwise of such information to their Club Golf Directors and/or club members as they consider necessary. 


    MC Actions arising from the meeting:

    1. Update the revised InterClub rules on the website
    2. Circulate the AGM Minutes and post on website
    3. Explore the possibility of a match between the InterClub and Lisbon champions annually.